Well, well, well, look at you poking around my site! Oh well, there's nothing to do but read all my research now, is there?

I thought I needed to make an intro for my research so that any nosy freaks like you know what this is!

Well, I'm a big fan of true crime. And my friend, Charlie, told me about this freak case of a guy dying in their hometown. Apparently he got killed by a plant?? The police aren't sure. So I, being totally, 100% qualified (why would I ever lie to you), took it upon myself and my internet dweebs to solve this mystery.

Both Charlie and I have no idea what most of the stuff we've seen means, but we'll put all of our research here! Try to keep up if you can, contact me on tumblr or write in my guestbook if you know more than we do.

Any info is good!

So what do we know uptil now? UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. Like nothing. Barely anything.

I asked my mom about PlantLife, and she said it was some fancy-pants Botany lab. Charlie promised we'd go see it together when I get to visit them again.

I also asked dad to take me to the library yesterday, and I found a book written by the guy that was murdered. It has so many long science words that make my brain itch.

IMPORTANT ADDITION: So the murdered guy is apparently called "Dr. Marcus Hawk" which is such a stupid name. And, hear this, HE WASN'T EVEN A BOTANIST. He was a veterinarian. I wonder what he was doing in that *botany* lab.

So I finally finished the book... It was really boring. I guess the few pages detailing his life were interesting.

So his name was Marcus, he was 40-something, and he had a kid. that's all I caught from the book.

The book was titled "The vet ways of dr. Marcus Hawk", I think. It was about some dogs he did research on? Life forces and all that mumbo jumbo. It's kind of like astrology, all silly conspiracies.

I'll ask Charlie what else they know.

Charlie found another one of Dr Hawk's books at the library, and my dad let them use our scanner to put it online.

Heres a link to it if you'd like to read it! ->

They only scanned chapter 1 for some reason, but I'm sure they'll scann more.

Apparently the book I read was published BEFORE Hawk's death and was written by some other scientist. The book Charlie found was written AFTER his death, and was his diary. So like... science Anne Frank.

Charlie, if you don't wanna put them up, please send the other chapters to me. I know your dad took the book away from you because he thought it was "innapropriate" but I told my mom it was a science project and she told me she'd tell your dad to give it back. DON'T, I repeat DON'T tell your dad that we're researching Dr.Hawk. He said that kids our age shouldn't dabble in conspiracies like that.

I sat down and read a bit more of that book Charlie found, and one thing really bugs me. What does he mean by "Life force taken from a homo sapien during sleep." DOES HE JUST HAVE SOMEONE IN HIS BASEMENT TO TAKE LIFE FORCE FROM??? Well, maybe not. I think it's either from his lab assistant or his kid. But seriously man, WHY HUMANS???

Whatever... I've been thinking about dropping the case, but Charlie said that they're "in too deep to stop" or something. Honestly, this case and the guy rampaging around their town have been the only things we talk about lately. My mom doesn't even let me sleep over at Charlie's anymore because she's scared of "the midvale gouger" or whatever. That's such a LOSER murderer name btw.


Jeeeeez louise, turns out that he's a homophobe. Mom always says to put respect on the names of the dead but I don't think it applies in this case. UUUGH I'm so tired of this stupid case... I thought it'd be more fun to research a death. All dr. Hawk is doing is playing god and failing miserably.

Charlie has been acting weird in dms lately... they're really set on this whole midvale gouger and dr. Hawk thing. It's like... the one thing they talk about.

I'm kinda over it at this point. The animal plants were really fun to read about, though!!!! I wish I had a pet like Greenie... Shame it fell out of a window :(((

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